14 May 2011

Big Thanks!!

Thank you very much for everyone who support our event.
It was great success!!!
We raised £1401.56 for Japan Tsunami appeal..
 We will open our web shop soon. Of course we ship the goods to abroad!

30 April 2011


It's today!! Please don't get lost, Here is the map.
Mill.co, Lime wharf, Vyner street, London
E2 9DJ
Open from 2pm-10pm

27 April 2011

Preview 4

Some amazing artworks have arrived at Mill.co project.
We're very very excited to have the exhibition! Can't wait to hung it on the wall.

Yoshinari Takahashi's Original drawing 

Daniel Alexander's Photography

Freya Ete's print

 Tom  Pearce's Print

Anne Simon's Original illustration for Dupututto Espana

26 April 2011

At Craft stall

You could expect amazing Japanese accessories, postcards, East London Hand printed t-shirts, swiss made tote bag and more to come.

Tees from Orphan's arm

Absoluter amazing jeweleries from  Sian Evans.
She often works liminally at the edge of art and design and also that I have another life working as an academic at CSM

Postcard from japan. Mika Furusawa

 Original drawing from Hideki Kondo

Hand Print Tote bag from Julia Castillo

A Hat from Yuko Ikeda

21 April 2011

Seven beach Aid

Seven beach Aid will join us for the stall.

It's for helping people who are in the difficult situation in Shichigahama, Miyagi in Japan.
They'll sell postcards which has been taken by Christina Aiton who experienced Earthaquake and Tsunami.

Preview 3

French comic magazine misma gave lots of prints for us! Merci!!
They make comic magazine is called "Dupututto".

El don gellermo

Toulose based illustrator

Barcelona based Illustrator.

Marion Puech
Illustrator, children's book author.

Anne Simon will donate the original artwork of Dupututto Espana!

Takayo Akiyama will donate the original drawing of the poster.
It's been exhibited at Royal Academy Of Art last year.

19 April 2011

Preview 2

Exciting new artwork has been donated from various artists.
They're all on sale at "Art for Japan" at Vyner street on 1st May.

Andersen M Studio
Cannes Lion Gold Winners, London based Danish design unit.
Beautiful hand cut paper

Christelle Eanult

Christelle was born in Paris in 1980. A the age of 7 she started drawing on the walls of her parents' flat.
Being misunderstood by this first audience, she abandoned her pencils for several years.
Nowadays her work covers press drawings for renowned newspapers such as "Le Monde" and children books illustrations.

Hand print Silk screen

Adam Pobiak

Hackney based American graphic designer/Illustrator.
Music/Fashion/Social media and flyer designs are his thing.


17 April 2011


Susumu Mukai
ZONGAMIN's Music brain , london based musician/ illustrator.
 Originally drawn for Pam magazine.
42 by 33 cm

He kindly donate two copies of the Pam Book "Kronos"

Donated by Chris Haugaton
Irish Illustrator, childen's book author.
Artwork from his picture book "A bit lost"

Donated by Sarah Foley from  DOTS OF JOY

Donated by Ayako Takagi
Tokyo based Illustrator. Her world famous character is supporting Japan! 
Size A3

15 April 2011

More artist added for the exhibition!

Jimmy Turrell 
A graphic artist based in London.  His clients to date include Nike, Kyocera, The New York Times, Universal Records, Capitol Records, XL Recordings, Newsweek, Lexus, The New Yorker, Tokion, Adidas, Dazed & Confused, MTV, The Prodigy, and Colette Paris. 
Rhiannon Adam 
is a Polaroid photographer working exclusively with vintage analogue cameras and films. She lives and works in East London. 
Inventory Studio
London based design consultancy — ""We make good things great."

Cat Sims
London based illustrator
artists + repertoire
Artists’ books, prints and photography around the themes of music and silence
Hideki Kondo
Chigasaki, Japan Based printer/ artist

13 April 2011

Art For Japan Mill.co Project

We have all watched in horror at broadcasts of the recent disaster in Japan. The earthquake and tsunami on 11 March has caused widespread destruction and devastatingly shocking results. Human and financial costs of the tsunami continue to rise, with police estimates showing more than 18,000 people have died in the disaster and 17,440 listed as missing. An estimated half a million people have been made homeless and some 300,000 people remain in evacuation centres or temporary housing. The World Bank has said it may cost Japan as much as £145bn to repair the damage and, on top of this, it will be some time before the full impact of damage caused by the tsunami to the nuclear plants is known.

In aid of this devastating situation, The Mill Co Project. has decided to raise money for the cause by hosting an arts and crafts fair with our community of creatives. The event will take place on Sunday May 1st and will run from 2-10pm, showcasing an exhibition by talented designers and illustrators, a creative market place with various stalls selling artwork, crafts, food, and drinks and a measure of fun games thrown in. Music will be provided by various London DJ friends.

The Mill Co. Project, along with various designers, illustrators and good friends are donating our time and artwork for free to ensure that all money received goes to helping those in Japan.

Contributing so far:

Chris Haughton
Irish illustrator and picture book author. He illustrates regularly for The Guardian and other publications. He was listed in Time magazine's DESIGN 100 for the work he has been doing for fair trade clothing company People Tree. www.vegetablefriedrice.com

East London t-shirt brand

Freya Art
The little ray of sunshine herself, Australian illustrator, Freya Ete

Daniel Alexander
London based photographer

Shit London tombola
Come play a game and win some shit London photos!!

Susumu Mukai
Electro Band Zongamin's front man, illustrator and musician

James Harris
Amazing Architecture/people/space photography. Cliants are Design Miami, Zaha Hadid and etc

Anderson M Studio
Danish brothers design unit. art direction, graphic design, photography, animation, film and music.
They are 2010 Cannes Lion Gold Winners and 2010 Gold Winners of the CLIO Award

Takayo Akiyama
Japanese Illustrator who based in London
Her comic"The Siamese Twins" has been published in France.

Ayako Takagi
Tokyo based illustrator, Her character UAMOU is world famous!
has done exhibitions in oversea galleries such as Collette in Paris.

Yoshinari Takahashi
Based in Chiba, Japan. Painter.
His work has contributed in numerous magazines such as Dazed & confused

Toulouse based comic publisher